With a strong engineering team committed to innovate and validate processes for industrial gases Azote Engineering Company remains one of the few innovators in this industry.

Computer aided design, a solid foundation of research with all over India partners, and vast experience around the world is at the very core of the design process here at Azote Engineering Company

Azote Engineering Company has a modern and comprehensive fabrication facility for psa gas plant, pressure vessels, and heat exchanges, complying with ASME, & IS Standards


We are committed to offer optimal and most effective solutions with a short payback time. Do not hesitate to contact us to find all answers related to products, equipment sizing, benefit analysis, Feasibility Report etc.

Consulting & Servicing is a broad term used to describe a range of professional services provided by a company or individual to assist clients in various aspects of their business or personal needs. These services are often tailored to address specific challenges, provide expert advice, and offer practical solutions to achieve specific goals.


Have you decided PSA Oxygen Gas Plant and PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant, Air Dryer Units, & Bio Gas Purification System, and Hydrogen Generation Plants, and are you looking for professionals to provide the Installation & commissioning for you?

Our Technicians are always ready to assist you with innovative & Cost Effective Solutions Ensures your business running at Peak Performance always.


Our main concern is to maintain all units we supply in a condition to provide the end user with the function they have been designed to, other words fully operational.

Our service technicians will travel around the world to ensure proper installation, commissioning, service or training of the operating personnel. We provide service contracts for new or already installed plants, since only regular inspections and proper service can guarantee trouble free operation. We offer you professionalism and competence.

General Spare Parts are ready in stock and shipped same day to Customer Premises via DHL Express Service


Our training offer ensures that your employees are always up to date in terms of technology, safety and plant operation.

Azote Engineering Company Customer Services is the link to the latest standards and findings from our own technology development. At the same time, we can rely on experiences that are based on the installation of more than 300 plants worldwide. With the help of our trainings, you can leverage the entire know-how of directly for the instruction of your operating personnel

Thanks to our technological expertise and long experience, we can offer you direct support for the operation of your plant.

The reality of plant operation in a changing environment constantly poses new questions and leads to new tasks. Increasing pressure from competitors demands continuous improvements and optimisations in order to reduce operating cost. Requirements concerning operational and environmental safety are constantly being tightened. Problems that occur suddenly call for a quick response in order to ensure plant operation.