• Capacity: 1 NM3/hr to 200 NM3/hr
  • Purity: Up to 95%
  • Pressure: Up to 6-Bar without Oxygen booster compressor
  • Dew Point: Up to (-) 60˚C

PSA Principle

This process consists of 2 vessels filled with Zeolite Molecular Sieves and Activated Alumina. Clean compressed air at 25 Deg. ° C temperatures is passed through one vessel and oxygen comes out as product gas. The exhaust gas (Nitrogen) is discharged back into atmosphere. Upon saturation of the Zeolite Molecular Sieves bed, the process switches Oxygen generation to the other bed by automatic valves, while allowing the saturated bed to undergo regeneration by depressurization and purging to atmospheric pressure. Thus 2-vessels keep cycling alternately in Oxygen production and regeneration ensuring Oxygen gas is continuously available to your process.

Process Diagram

Engineer Man

Technology CarboTech AC GmbH (Germany)

This is Molecular sieves Technology to produce low cost Oxygen from Air. Azote Eng. Company has long experience and know-how in Design and Manufacturing of such plants. Molecular sieves remove moisture and Nitrogen from Air. So up to 95% purity dry Oxygen gas is produced. We offer 2 designs- PSA and VPSA.

Continuous supply and guaranteed purity

When you install the PSA Oxygen Gas plant on-site, you are in control of your Oxygen supply. If you are currently using cylinders, then there is always dependence on your suppliers and there is no guarantee of the purity of Oxygen being supplied. With PSA system, you can be sure of the purity of Oxygen with the included Oxygen purity analyzer.

  • Color and B & w picture tube/ glass shell Industry.
  • Lamp/ compact flouroscent lamp Industry.
  • Vials & ampoules.
  • Brazing application.
  • For Fish farming.
  • Effluent & waste water treatment.
  • For Chemical oxidation.
  • Ozone Generation.
  • LPG enrichment.
  • For lancing in steel Industries.
  • Effluent & waste water treatment.
  • For Chemical oxidation.
  • Ozone Generation.
  • LPC enrichment.
  • For lancing in steel Industries.
  • For chemical oxidation.
  • Hospitals
  • Fully Automatic.
  • No fuel is required.
  • Low capital & running cost
  • Purity up to 95% is easily achievable.

One of the most commonly asked question and confusing aspect of purity is when one talks about purity in terms of PPM level and another in Percent Level. So we have prepared a useful converter tool and also a printable chart for your use.